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Each year, the SMU English Department and Creative Writing Program bestows academic and creative awards on outstanding students.  These students dedicate extra time and effort to the pursuit of their studies, as is evidenced by their superlative work.  We are proud to showcase some of this year’s winners in both the scholarly essay and creative fields, as well as to recognize all of the 2009-2010 award winners.

In addition, in April SMU hosted its annual Literary Festival featuring fiction writers Robin Black, Tracy Daugherty, Marjorie Sandor, Robert Redick, and Elizabeth Eslami, as well as poets Mary Stuart Hammond and Phil Bryant.  It was a weekend of wonderful readings and social events, question and answer sessions with the students and authors, mixers, and opportunities for students to meet one on one with individual authors to workshop student pieces.  Be sure to read Josh Duke’s retrospective, as well as Elizabeth Eslami’s fascinating essay on being an Iranian American writer.

The academic year is winding to a close, but the creative energies at SMU never stop flowing.  This year we will publish a summer issue full of brand new student work in (another) brand new online forum.  Enjoy this award winning work, and stay tuned for more from our creative writing community!

Write on,

Kristy Blackmon

Table of Contents, Vol. II No. 3

Robert Redick answers questions from students and faculty

Poet Phil Bryant meets with student Josh Duke

Tracy Daugherty, Elizabeth Eslami, and Marjorie Sandor

The Lit Fest authors dine with faculty member David Haynes and student Jon Richardson


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