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“Thank You” by Jessica Betancourt – SMU Poetry Award Second Place

Thank You

Thank you for burning crosses, the view
from the backs of busses. favoring pale
pastel over textured brown hues. Thank
you for his castration, his wife raped
by the general and his misguided men
cause he took a stand. thank you for dead
at 7 of appendicitis, for insurance
company revenues. Thank you for the bodies
folded like blankets, hatchbacks their caskets,
suffocated Juan Does with the statue of liberty
postcards creased in their seats, the blue blood
babies puckered, plucked from his father’s arms.
contorted bodies, the unseen, rupture their
american dream. (I scream) Thank you!
Louder, if you need it.

J. Betancourt

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